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Specialist Mortgages

Specialist Mortgages

One of our key strengths at The Online Mortgage Guru is specialist mortgages. All of our mortgage products are designed for individuals with circumstances that some lenders may class as complex, however, we should still be able to help you.

We work along side specialist mortgage lenders in the UK, to create bespoke loans and mortgages that suit you and your specialist needs.

Have a look below to find a selection of Specialist Mortgages products that we can help with.

Specialist Mortgage Types Explained

happy builder with plans

Development Finance

Offset Mortgages

Let-to-Buy Mortgages

expat mortgages

Expat Mortgages

mortgages with ccj

Mortgages for those with CCJ’s


Freelance and Self-Employed Mortgages

mortgages for directors

Mortgages for Directors

Mortgage After IVA

Mortgage After IVA

limited company mortgages

Limited Company Mortgages

contractor mortgages

Contractor Mortgages

large mortgage provider

Larger Mortgages

ants making the shape of the pound symbol

Private Bank Mortgages

debt consolidation mortgages

Debt Consolidation Mortgages

buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

mortgages with ccj

Bridging Loans

a house made out of twenty pound notes

Second Charge Mortgages

New Build Apartment Mortgages

mortgages for doctors

Mortgages for Doctors

portfolio landlord mortgages

Portfolio Landlord Mortgages

Mortgage after Bankruptcy

Mortgage after Bankruptcy